Friday, October 16, 2009

Pasta Bolognese!

Meet Luna, a team member at Dapple. Last night Luna made pasta bolognese (pasta with yummy meat sauce) for her fiance, Dan. As Luna recounts it, she was walking into the living room holding two heaping plates of pasta when the one in her right hand just slid off the plate. Shocked, Luna looked at the plate in her left hand and saw that it too was headed south. The pasta and meat sauce got EVERWHERE. Sauce on the walls, the floor, Luna, Dan, and his WHITE COUCH.
Desperate, Dan tried saving his white couch from the grasp of the meat sauce using heavy soap and water, but to no avail. Just then, Luna remembered that she had brought home some Toy Cleaner spray from work when Dan had moved into his apartment. She also remembered someone telling her that they used Dapple Toy Cleaner spray to clean their white carpet when it got stained. Luna decided to give it a try. She sprayed a little Toy Cleaner to combat that meat sauce, scrubbed a little, and......... Voila! The stain disappeared! Unfortunately though, so had Luna and Dan's dinner.

It is of complete coincidence that this event happened a few days after the blog post about cleaning the Pyrex dish. Today, Luna had no leftovers to bring for lunch, so we are ordering in. Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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