Thursday, July 8, 2010

Picky Eaters

If you missed our latest newsletter, don't worry, here are some tips for parents of picky eaters from the Dapple moms and our Facebook fans. To view the newsletter in it's entirety click here.

The Dapple Dish: July 2010
Play With Your Food

Play With Your Food

Picky Eater?

Here are some tricks developed by the Dapple moms.

Bananas: Instead of peeling the banana and giving it to them, cut it into coins with the peel still on each coin. Let kids peel each "banana candy" individually. They will have so much fun and forget that they are eating something healthy. Use organic bananas because you are cutting into the peel.

: Make separate bowls of red, yellow, green and blue veggies and fruits (we use yellow peppers, green beans, cherry tomatoes sliced in half and blueberries). Put a Twister spinning wheel in the middle of the table. Everyone take a turn spinning. Whatever color you land on, eat the fruit/veggie of that color.

Make Your Own: Let your kids choose which fruits to include in their smoothie and let them help you blend all the ingredients, they will love pressing the buttons. If veggies are on the menu, let them pick their favorite veggies to include in their salad, they will like the salad much more when they are the ones making it.

Here are some tips from our Facebook Fans:

Jennifer L. : "My daughter will not eat vegetables, so I give her the fruit/vegetable juice a couple times a day. I mix it half & half water. There are a few different brands that I know of....V8 V Fusion, Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise, and Mott`s Medleys."

Becky G. : "Pick-your-own places are great! We went cherry picking today and the kids are so excited."

Sima R. : "For every four bites of unwanted vegetable, let your kid have one spoonful of marshmallow fluff."

Julie B. : "We give our two-year-old son two gummy bears if he finishes his dinner. One of the gummy bears is a vitamin so I don't feel too bad about it."