Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MY New Niece Zoey!

My sister just sent me this picture from our first stop on the Dapple Road Trip- the Mt. Sinai Maternity Ward. I arrived from Denver that morning and we were supposed to head straight to Maryland. Thankfully, Dapple insisted that we re-route through New York so that I could see my sister and meet my new niece Zoey. So... Elliot gave out Dapple products to the nurses and left samples for new moms while I surprised my sister and was able to hold my adorable niece.


Hello from Virginia!

Today we Dappled four Day Care Centers.

How does it feel to be Dappled? Check out Jenny from Chesterbrook Academy in Sterling.

Meet another friend of ours from Sterling. She schooled us on how to use the Dapple Toy Cleaner! Can you top that?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dapple Parties in NYC!

Hey guys, Elliot here. On Friday Dapple kicked off our road trip with a fun filled party at the New York Kids Club! The kids had an amazing time rock climbing and jumping on the trampoline. The biggest hit with the kids weren't the Dapple cupcakes, (although they were my favorite part of the party) it was........ the dish soap????!!!!

The trampoline was also really fun!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet the Dapple Road Trippers!

I’m Rachel.
A.K.A ‘Aunt Rachel’ or ‘Aunt Ra Ra’ to my nephews, niece and lots of friends. I’m a Dappler from Denver who dabbles in singing wheels on the bus, reading ‘Pajama Time!’, and keeping our environment clean and green
Meet Elliot – that’s me. No kids yet but I’m stocking up on Dapple in anticipation. I am super passionate about keeping it green and am all about the Dapple lavender scent. I hail from Chicago, where it is always sunny and never snows.