Monday, June 6, 2011


Are you feeling the summer weather yet? We definitely are, and we're sure your kids are too. Here’s a great idea to spend some quality outdoor family time and fill a long summer day – Garden with your kids! It is the perfect time of year to teach yourself and your little one about growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

Maintaining an organic garden is a great way to get healthy food for your kids and makes them more aware of where their food comes from. These tips should start you on the right track:

1. Don't worry if you have limited space. Small gardens are easier for young kids to maintain; even a very small yard or apartment terrace will suffice. Container gardening is also an easy option for those families living in a city.
2. Use tools that kids can handle, and be extra-safe if you're working with young ones.
3. Kids love to dig! Soil needs to be broken up before planting, so allow them to go crazy and prepare the plots or pots before starting your garden.
4. Herbs like mint for lemonade and vegetables like radishes, leaf lettuce and pea pods, have short growing seasons. This means your kids won't have to wait all summer to see results of their hard work.
5. Use dapple! Make sure their tools, toys, or anything else they brought out into the garden is cleaned with natural dapple Toy & Surface Cleaner.

Gardening with your kids allows you to do something together. It teaches them patience, organization, hard work, and how to be "green" early on!! And who doesn't love eating food fresh from a garden?