Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cake Pop Funeral

Stunning and yummy - in theory. But have you ever tried to make them? I have!

For three evenings, I labored with my kids.

Here's approximately how it went:

Evening 1: Bake white cake. Make some fresh frosting. Crumble and mix the two together. 4 pairs of super-sticky hands. Cover. Refrigerate. Clean up. Sleep.

Evening 2: Get our cookie scoops. Form 20 gorgeous, symmetrical and equally sized cookie balls. Line them up on parchment paper. Wash bowls. Sleep.

Evening 3: Melt chocolate. Put little dabs of chocolate on cake balls. Stick in lollypop sticks. Melt more chocolate in a double boiler. Get excited. Dip first cake pop into chocolate. Loose cake pop in chocholate. Repeat mistake. 20 times! Kids sticky AND devastated. Refuse to sleep.

Uplifting (if not entirely satisfactory) postscript:
We threw out the chocolate mess and gathered around the kitchen garbage. I intoned, "dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the sad demise of our cake pops. we will miss our dreams of eating you up, our thoughts of rolling you in sprinkles and edible glitter. you will now lie here forever, with the leftover cereal from this morning, last week's coleslaw and some moldy lemons we found in the bottom of the refrigerator." Lips started turning up and tears turned to smiles.

Does baking with your kids truly need to be a life lesson in coping with small failures?


Tovit (a dapple mom)