Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Made Mother Proud!

My mother has an old Pyrex measuring cup dating back to the 197o's that functions as a very large tea cup when the weather calls for it (to dispense not to drink). Through the years tea stains have made themselves at home in "Ol Pyrex" and have stayed there for about two decades. My mother has tried for all of these years to remove the tea stains, but no conventional dish liquid has done the trick. A month ago, while visiting my folks, I proposed a challenge. I would try to remove the tea stains using Dapple!

I scrubbed those stubborn tea stains off in about a half a minute, using elbow grease, a sponge, and a dollop of Dapple. My mother was very proud and offered me to come over and wash the dishes anytime. I love making mother proud!

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