Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vote Cribsies!

Here is the super cute commercial that we had mentioned in our previous post.

Dapple has been named a Cribsie Awards finalist in two categories! We are up for awards in the "Safest Cleaning Products That Actually Work" section under the "Nursery" category, and under "Gentlest Detergent for Baby Togs" in the "Fashion" Category. If you vote for us and let us know at we'll send you a personalized special something. The video below explains all.

We are going to upload Dapple videos to our Youtube page regularly with Barry as the lead. Barry, our West Coast team-leader happens to also be an actor. Combine that with a passion for everything green with a whole lot of cute children and you have the formula for the ultimate Dapple video.

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