Monday, March 15, 2010

Pollen and Baby

With Spring right around the corner (March 20th) and warmer weather starting to creep in, the yearly ritual of runny noses and watery eyes more commonly known as allergies is almost upon us. We might run away from floating dandelion seeds but what about baby? Do babies get allergies? Should we check the pollen counts before taking them for a stroll?

According to Fit Pregnancy magazine, "allergies are relatively rare in children and even more so in infants. In fact, it takes several years of exposure for a child to develop a reaction to an allergen like pollen."

If you notice your baby with nasal symptoms that appear to be allergy-like, according to Fit Pregnancy, it is possibly a lingering cold.

"Nasal symptoms are very noticeable in infants because young babies are lying down most of the time, causing mucus to accumulate in the back of the nose. And even when awake, they don't clear their breathing passages by coughing, sneezing or swallowing, as someone who's older would. Finally, the tininess of a baby's nasal passages ensures that even a little blockage is clearly audible."

As a member of the Hay-Fever club myself, I am extremely happy that babies can enjoy spring time like it should be, without the tissues!

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