Thursday, July 16, 2009

Full of Joi!!!

We met Joi in San Antonio, Texas today. Joi is a midwife for the Texas Midwives Group and is honestly one of the most enthusiastic people we have ever met.

In case you were wondering, Joi is not a black blob, this is what she actually looks like.


  1. We'll you guys be stopping in Dallas or Fort Worth? Or have you already been here? I just bought my very first Dapple dish liquid soap today at Babies R' Us!

  2. Awesome! We'll be in the DFW area on Thursday the 23rd, we plan on handing out samples in the late afternoon. Do you have any suggestions for a great spot to go to? Sign up to follow us on twitter or check out the shouts on our website to find out where we end up. Thanks!!! - Rachel and Elliot